A Love Letter to my Best Friends

Platonic love is underrated.

Yes, there is nothing else like the overwhelmingly hypnotic nature of romantic love. But my friends are the ones who have saved me, over and over again.

For so long, I was kinda detached, and I was hesitant to allow in love of any kind. Unsteady and unpredictable realms were never for me, and love is the ruler of the unknown. I thought that any love I gave, including love to my friends, would be rejected.

Eventually, I realized that I was just wasting so much time.

It took me awhile to feel comfortable with closeness, and sometimes my insecurities still find ways to creep through. To silence my hesitations, I give myself this reminder: I may get hurt, but that’s necessary to seeing life’s beauty.

The simple act of being more open to others has given me endless happiness, and I’ve definitely become a better friend.

So, this is a love letter to my best friends! Sometimes I may be a little extra (sorry you guys), but you’re truly some of the best things that have ever happened to me. Thank you for every adventure and late-night chat, and all your wonderful pieces of advice.

Examples of bff-advice include: always use a setting powder after applying foundation, fill up on both carbs and protein before drinking, remember to take deep breaths when stressed, and write until I physically can’t anymore (and then write some more).

Here’s a picture of two of my besties, who have been by my side for eight years (aren’t they hella pretty?):

friends 2

As I’ve mentioned before, it’s obvious that I don’t really have much figured out. But I’m doing my best. And I know that I’m in a much better place than where I started, so I can say this to you with certainty:

Hold on to the people who feel too good to be true. The ones whose souls shine with blinding radiance. The ones who mirror you in many ways, as well as fill in the vacant spaces that you didn’t even know existed. The ones who support you without question, quell your anxieties, make you laugh until you cry, and inspire you to be a better person.


Cherish the unique role that each friend plays in your life. Tell all of them that you love them today.

xxoo. Jenna

P.S. Here are three songs that you should listen to this week, since I can’t sign off without mentioning music:

  • “Love Like Ghosts” by Lord Huron

I love, love, love this band. Really, you should listen to every song they’ve ever made, but this is the one bouncing around in my heart right now. This line hits a poignant spot with me: “I don’t feel it till it hurts sometimes.”

  • “South London Forever” by Florence + The Machine

Florence has one of the best voices of our generation, and her vibe is cultivated in the same gypsy garden as Stevie Nicks. This makes me cry: “Everything I ever did was just another way to scream your name.” The entire album is honest and gorgeous.

  • “Little Words” by The Happy Fits

When I listen to this, I feel like I’m sitting in a desert, playing an acoustic guitar as tumbleweed stumbles past me, waiting for my cowboy lover to return home. I love it. A similar scene will probably not be conjured in your head, but I recommend placing yourself in a dramatic music video of your choice.

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